Intuitively reading, clearing & enhancing property

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If we all considered things as energy our lives would be simpler, healthier and easier



I'm a reader of the natural environment. I read earth, universal and personal energies.



I use these skills to comment on the workplace and/or domestic environment.


I correct and advise on what can be done to restore equilibrum or balance to a situation, building or place. This ability is also known as divining or dowsing.


I have taken these skills to add wellness to homes, assist with house sales as well as in property development.



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Why You Need Me?


When you work on something and it's not working out, have you considered all options?






Why not call an expert, who reads energy?

Client based

Suggestions include:


  • Consultation, using softer skills of matching a client to a potential house
  • Looking into a building's history
  • Seeing where a client's can progress
  • Reading the potential that the land can hold
  • Releasing 'energetic' ties to sell a house
  • Assisting in decision making process
  • One off practical & intuitive advice
  • Updating the memory of the land

Intuitive Awareness on Site and in Homes Allowing you peace of mind with house purchases and healthy living