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Location Investments


Developments aren't just about getting the right strategy and taking action on the right formula, they are about lifting the area and making it an improved place to live and breathe.

White Lighthouse offers consultation for housing, developments, and new builds by offering a range of talks, education tools and packages that give you more than insight but a deep understanding into what you are wishing to achieve, by experiencing the potential of the land and observing what could potentially be achieved.



Yvette Layzell, the founder of White Lighthouse reads energy and acts on intuition that is received. She offers an understanding of the land by using her land communication skills and provides an awareness that benefits all proposed sites.



The service is based high principles and values. Truth, integrity and universal awareness that is presented in a fun and safe way.


She has the ability to clear sites of imprinted history and can reprogramme the land maximising its true potential.



My packages include:


Reading of any site, 20 minutes max - Free - My gift to you!


Talks to interested groups - Quotes by expressed invitation


Visits on site - Day rates apply


Consultation - Energy awareness & vibration enhancement to match potential buyers - Finders fees apply




This fascination with buildings, places and energy started six years ago when I started to travel more extensively. I found a difference in the energy of the places and people I met, even the warmth of the sun, the feel of the earth and sea were different.


The more I travelled, the more I experienced greater intuition. I saw people who had passed, had amazing insights into events that were taking place and started to bring previous ancient wisdom and history to life.


There are too many stories to tell but what I noticed was a gift that I had never fully seen, not alone used in my previous line of work.


I chose to develop this skill and work with what I was receiving. It's lead me to experience some sites which have been fully written about, where my own and my group's insights added something extra to the place's understanding. A liberating and firsthand experience for all participants.


I'm happiest on my many adventures and with

my project based consultancy work.


With appreciation,



For information, business and/or advice:


Yvette Layzell


+44 7708 236187


Twitter @PropertyReader



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