Intuitively reading, clearing & enhancing property

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Land development



Reading energy is a natural process. It used to do it when cities and new towns were being established. Land readers would go out, as runners or scouts to find places that could be suitable for housing new communities. However, in modern day life most of ue have have simply forgotten to use this skill and have placed a stronger reliance on technology.


Geomancy, Feng Shui and Diving all have their roots in this tradition.


Rest assure that I can assist in helping to remove the connections and bonds that keeps a place, a business professional or current occupants 'stuck'.







Adam Bailey, Landlord


I own a few properties that are let out as individual letting rooms and one in particular has always been hard work to manage. Was it the building, the location or the tenants? Yvette visited with me one day to tune in to the energies at play and it was such a useful visit. We were able to meet with most of the tenants and have a three way conversation with them. It worked out

perfectly because it allowed Yvette to alternate between tuning into the

individual and tuning into the space. The conclusion we came to was thatbuilding energy was supportive but that many of the tenants were on difficult journeys through life.




Carolina Knight, Property Services


I’ve had the pleasure and privilege to work intuitively with Yvette for the

past 3 ½ years and the insights and guidance she has provided me with

have always been spot on and have enabled me to move forward with confidence

and purpose in my life. Recently I had the experience of her energy reading skills in my property business with excellent results. Not only did she provide me with a very clear list of the practical aspects that needed to be looked at but also the energetic aspects that could be affecting the house itself. It was this mixture of practical advice with the emotional support that allowed for a better than expected resolution to be reached and the impact in my business has been extraordinary.



Joint Ventures


Estate Agencies

Here I am recognising that it is easier to clear property that is not occupied and is intended to to sold on.


New Homes Developments

Harmonising the water lines within the ground, under a home, can be done easier with earth acupuncture before they are fully built or landscaped.

Business professionals


tend to work initially with the client to appreciate the issue and then my attention and focus centres on the place. However, if you deal with property, land or building development then some coaching may be your preference.


If you are an estate agent where the same house/flats comes back onto the market or there's always the same issues taking place with new occupants.


A building developer who has an opportunity to build on brown field site or fresh land. An insight into what is there may highlight the challenges ahead.


New builds


Land can have a variety feels or vibrations. It varies from country to country but it too can fluctuate in the same site. Areas can be suitable for all types of experiences.


The main ones being:


Sports activity and/or

Building on, i.e creating new projects


If a site has a natural rested energy then may be suitable for building retirement flats or homes for super busy people. Likewise, if the natural energy was very high then it may be good for office space, as the intensity and productivity of work could be enhanced.


Once you've mastered the basic energy then you can look for 'energy pockets'. By energy pockets I mean, natural energy areas which tend to be smaller as well as ones that have been created by past activity/use. If you're designing a house you can look at suitability. Low energy areas may equate to living rooms and bedrooms and high energy rooms may be suitable for a games room or kitchen.


The possibilities are there, the energies just need to be matched up.