Intuitively reading, clearing & enhancing property

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Hosting land reading and events

Hosting land reading and private events.


Ever been curious about your home or the history of where you live?


Whether you wish for an independent assessment or group work. I'm always more than happy to read the space.




Recent events:


Speaker at International Convention

of Health Dowsers on 24 October 2015

in Egham, Surrey, UK


Brighton Open Houses - Central Trail - April and May 2016


Forthcoming events:


Talks and workshops, London

Working with interest groups

A little bit of intuition goes a long way with projects and investigation work.


Discovery and researching information assists with the known facts and may even allow us to find exact location where events took place!

Working with sellers or owners of businesses

Working with house sellers, property investors, and businesses is a highly rewarding area of my work.


Whether they wish to sell or change the energy in their houses or businesses, I can help.


Likewise, where properties have reoccuring problems I'm happy to lend my skills to see what's playing out!


Clients of a Feng Shui, dowsing and architectural background are welcomed.