Land memory

Intuitively reading, clearing & enhancing property

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Does land hold knowledge and memory?


Dowsing or reading the land is the ability to tap into the present energy of the ground or building, to access the information that is stored there. It is also referred to as divining


In doing so, a past event may be imprinted on it or natural earth energy may be found.


Once found the memory can be read, enhanced or even rebalanced.

Reading energy anywhere?

Energy is different wherever you go. Anywhere, all over the world. It's feel or vibration is experienced differently by everyone of us.


The true skill is being in the environment that suits you and assists your growth!


What's an Imprint?


An imprint is another name for the original blue print/ design and/or characteristics of a house or place.


Once an imprint is established, the future potential can be worked on.



Not only is energy sensed by a person, but the person automatically responses to it, whether they know it or not.


If you have a new location or a place that used to be a domestic setting then you have some extra information to consider. Does the imprint suit my style of business? Is it also a rested place in which my business can grow?




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Land Reading - homes and work places

Places have a natural energy which may change over time.


Events can leave an imprint on the location at any given time.


By reading what's there, it's easier to understand why some places are more attractive than others. The greater the harmony, the more successful the business or home.