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My understanding is that everything is energy. And, energy over a period of time can impact a person or place.


We tend to overlook our vibrancy and the impact our energy gives out. Our energy, the place's energy and the experiences we have are held.


How can you help yourself?


There are many occasions where energy correction work may be suitable for you or your own home.


You may have experienced a family break up and you sense that the person's energy is still there.


Your house may have been a repossession and the 'negativity' of that situation may be holding the house fixed in that time?



How would I know?


Go somewhere neutral and define two circles. Label one as you and the other as the house. Let go of all preconceptions and step into the first circle. See how you feel. What's going on?


Let go of that energy and do the same for the other circle.


Compare and contrast!


Trust your own wisdom. If you are not sure. Leave it a few days then do the same again!



Adding value and reassurance to those who have experienced unwelcome energy or personal change

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Reworking the energy

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Recording the information




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Client Based


Suggestions include:

  • Clearing energy and timelines
  • Assisting in decision making
  • Maintenance of a healthy space
  • Clearing poor decisions and its effects
  • Guidance and one off advice


Rest assure that I can assist in helping to remove the connections and bonds

that keeps a place 'stuck' and I'm comfortable in removing unhappy memories.


I tend to work initially with the client to appreciate the issue and then my

attention and focus usually centres on the place.


Some consider this to be a healing effect. I see it more as a refresh, where space is cleared to permit new changes and with informed knowledge. It permits a fresher space for healthy living and sustained growth.