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What application do you use for sessions?

Currently we use Zoom.us for our calls.  Meeting can be arranged via their website or on their app. 

How do you comply with GDPR?

The general data requirements are there to protect the security of individuals and those rights and responsibilities are adhered to.  Client protection is of upmost importance and such data is protected, password protected and where possible encrypted. 

Calls are also recorded.  Access to your copy is available on request.

May I have a reading by correspondence?

The best way to receive a reading is in person.  A video call or over the phone.  That way the information is live, becomes interactive and is real-time relevant.

Email readings are possible.  Contact me directly, so we may agree what is possible, via any of my advertised contact methods.

I require more than one connection. I'm also looking for my readings to be regular and followed up.

You are not alone!  An understanding of any situation is key and any action steps always needs a watchful eye or some form of accountablility.  Follow up calls or messages come after each session.  Regular sessions may also be scheduled in for certain events / weeks and / or booked..

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