Working with wisdom. Higher knowledge is always available.

Divination is our connection to the cosmos, our higher source of intelligence.

We use the tools of Tarot and Runes to open up the connection to divine source.

' ...The embro becomes a baby, the bud becomes a blossom, the acorn becomes an oak tree. Clearly there is some invisible force that is moving every aspect of reality to it's next best expression.'

Marianne Williamson

Ever wondered what your life was all about?  Your strengths, weaknesses?

What you were designed for and what you need to overcome?

We wondered the same and that lead us on a journey of progression, light, travel, understanding new acquaintances and ulimately a new way of being.

Divination is a great tool to make your day special by getting you back on track.  

We all have something to offer the world and it's always impactful to recognise and engage it.   Even if it's just to rekindle it again.

There's nothing more powerful than owning your magnificence in life!


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